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Jotwani Associates LLP is an award winning public affairs and Government Relations Law Firm based in New Delhi at the heart of the India’s political scene, and with more than 50 former IAS, bureaucrats and politician consultants working across a wide range of sectors with various specialisms, we are one of India’s fastest-growing law firm.

No matter what sector you operate in, or what your campaign goals are, we have the expertise to deliver the results you need.

The Jotwani Associates team includes former political candidates and advisers, and public affairs experts, who can help you to navigate the parliamentary landscape and ensure your message reaches people of influence to produce real change.

More particularly, we help companies in the following areas:

Policy Challenges & Influence:  Whether it is unfair taxes or biased policy that impacts your business growth, we assist corporates and individuals achieve their goals effectively.

Market Access:  We assist corporations to seek fair Government RFPs and tenders.  Governments may knowingly or unknowingly create clauses in RFPs that may impact impartial participation in RFPs and tenders. Our team seeks to positively influence and impact such unfair practices that results in Government partiality. We work with several organizations sales team to understand the business and how it can fit into Government’s current needs. 

Incentives and Programs:  Jotwani Associates helps corporates better understand all the Government programs and seek incentives that may include SeZ, tax incentives, exports and import incentives and many more types of Government benefits.  

Legislation Tracking:  Any Government policy, program, law or rule impacting a particular sector is tracked and reported by our research team.

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