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Jotwani Associates is a thought leader for several important issues relating to Goverment policies, programs, regulations, civil and criminal cases. 


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Media Coverage Gallary : Some Glimpses 

Jotwani Associates LLP Spotlighted in India's Business Connect: Exemplifying Ethical Excellence, Employee Well-being, and Technological Transformation.
Navigating the Complex Landscape of Blacklisting and Deportation By Manisha Chauhan, Advocate
Inequality and Favoritism at the Workplace: Navigating a Troubling Terrain By Aditi Sharma, Advocate
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Intellectual Property By Jasmine Hora, Advocate
Shareholder Agreement and Share Purchase Agreement By Amrita Sachidanandan, Advocate
The New Substantial Law Repealing the Indian Penal Code of 1860. By Aditi Sharma, Advocate
Trade Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) By Aditi Sharma, Advocate
Medical Termination of pregnancy (MTP) Changes in law and impact on women: (Indian Perspective) By Aditi Sharma, Advocate
Analysis of Defamation and Related Laws in India. By Aditi Sharma, Advocate
Jotwani Associates: Empowering Businesses Globally With Legal Expertise
Cyber Fraud US victims represented by Jotwani Associates: Accused's Bail Plea Rejected by Delhi Court
Jotwani Associates: Realigning the Indian Legal System
Jotwani Associates Solves its Clients’ Legal Challenges in a Simple and Straightforward Manner
Jotwani Associates- Dedicated to the pursuit of justice
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