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Quickest and Cheapest Way to Establish India Call Centers, Research and Development Centers, Software Development, Business Process Outsourcing, Legal Process Outsourcing, Get Co-Working Spaces, Making Payments to Employees and Hire Virtual Employees with all Legal Support

India has more than 17 per cent of the world’s population and 70 per cent of India’s population is below the age of 35.  This young, educated, multilingual Indian population offers tremendous opportunities, and corporations can avoid India’s workforce at their costs and perils.  The average salary of an Indian employee is only 20 per cent of what the developed world gets. And the workforce is much more disciplined, and technologically advanced and takes on a bigger role when offered a job.


Jotwani Associates, as the best Indian law firm, pioneered in supporting organisations and individuals to legally establish and run a call center or back office in India.  Whether it is a back office of 2 employees or 200 employees in high research and development, the corporations look forward to doing everything as per Indian laws and norms.  

Particularly, the law firm has established voice call centers, Research and Development organisations, Software Development, Virtual Assistance, Online Gaming Support Staff, Sales Team, Debt Recovery professionals, Business Process Outsourcing (“BPO”), Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) paralegal staff, ticketing agents, real estate agents and much more job variety that are needed today to run modern-day corporations.

Jotwani Associates has a massive reach in India and can support organisations end to end with tremendous guidance. Some of the services that Jotwani Associates provide are as follows:

  • Recruitment and HR Support: From identifying the employees, coordinating interviews, and providing binding offer letters per India Laws to onboarding employees across industries and regions.  Again, the employees’ leave policies and payrolls for tax deductions are another challenge we overcome for our clients.
  • Real Estate:   Offices in India can be of several types:  On Rent, Virtual, and Licensed. Depending on the needs of the workforce, Jotwani Associates suggests an office in India that is cheap and comfortable for employees.
  • Legal Entity, Banking and Compliances:   Indian Companies can have Foreign Directors and Foreign Shareholding.  All the legal compliances, including but not limited to providing India Resident Directors or Trustee Shareholders for Indian Entity, are provided by Jotwani Associates at a highly nominal cost.   The banking regulations (FEMA) are particularly remembered for all the inward and outward remittances of funds.
  • GST, Taxes, Audit, Accounting and Payroll Services:   The law firm works abnormally deep into financial compliances to support the organisation with Tax Audits, Accounting and Payroll Services.  We also conduct internal audits to see if the management of the Indian clients is maintaining the financial discipline.
  • Government Grants:   Many companies in India are eligible for Government grants and tax incentives, particularly if they are exporting 100 per cent of their products or services outside India. Not many professionals have worked in that area.


  • Question:  What are the advantages of establishing business operations in India without incorporating a company in India?
  • Answer: The incorporation of a company in India is a time-consuming process and many times our clients are not sure if they need to open a company without testing the quality of India’s workforce.  Therefore, they engage Jotwani Associates, a law firm, to hire employees and have them work full-time, part-time, remotely or in the office depending on their needs. 
  • Questions:  How can Jotwani Associates help in hiring India workforce?
  • Answer:  Hiring India workforce can be extremely challenging and legally tricky.  We are subscribed to several well-known job databases that will help source workforce that may be required for full-time, part-time, work-from-home, or office jobs. The structuring of the workforce is legally valid in India, in terms of offer letters, commitment of number of hours or the leave policies of employees being aligned to Indian laws.  Particularly, each state will have different laws and therefore it is must that the Employees are hired (and fired, if needed be) as per the legally binding conditions.
  • Questions:  If I avail a Jotwani Associates JA Outsourcing Centre facility, will I be taxed more?
  • Answer: On the contrary, the taxes from Jotwani Associates Outsourcing Centre will be less since substantial amount can be saved as most of the services are exempted as being export services under Indian laws. The JA Outsourcing Centre has due licenses under Indian laws to seek exemptions under GST and other applicable taxes.
  • Question:  How do you assess the clients requirements in India?
  • Answer: After understanding the client’s business and workforce requirements, we appoint a Point of Contact who will manage and handhold organisations into running a low-cost, high-quality employee back office in India. Write to us immediately at or speak to the partner in India: +919730049704