Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

What is the meaning of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)?

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is obtaining legal assistance from an external law firm or a legal process outsourcing provider through an in-house legal department or organization. Aside from this judicial process, outsourcing is handled by an offshore unit that completes every aspect of the work at a low cost and in a short period. There has been tremendous growth in this mode of legal service delivery.

Business corporations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe typically outsource their legal work to less expensive countries because their lawyers are costly.

India ranks among the most popular places for outsourcing legal work. The LPO firm in India is rapidly expanding, & many businesses want to become involved. Contract drafting services, legal research-based services, document review services, and property conveyancing checks are the most common work performed by offshore organizations.

Best (Legal Process Outsourcing) LPO Firm in India

Jotwani Associates is a reputable legal outsourcing law firm in India. Offers comprehensive litigation consulting and process outsourcing services to law firms, in-house legal counsels, individual attorneys, pro se litigants, and advisory and consultancy firms worldwide.

Our Outsourcing Legal services are of several kinds. Any process that is regular and requires a paralegal or Attorney to work remotely can be shipped to our office at highly reasonable rates. We support several Britain, Canadian, Australian, and US law firms outsourcing to India. With State-of-art facilities and highly trained staff, we can outperform output and quality.

Please do not get surprised to receive our price quotes. We work at highly modest prices at the fraction of the budget that you have allocated for your project. Some of the successful delivery model is as under:


Social Media Strategy for Law Firms: An Australian Law Firm uses Jotwani Associates for Social Media Marketing to increase website traffic. Lawyers at Jotwani Associates read Australian Judgments and write a blog on the same. The IT-team then posts the blogs at more than 50 sites and also at the social media groups. As a result of its efforts (at very small fraction of costs), the website of the Law Firm has seen 200 percent increase in 1 year, as per the Google Analytics reports.


1. Legal Research at Westlaw:

A legal research organization assisting several law firms in New York has engaged Jotwani Associates to outsource legal work to India on different legal issues and take out similar judgments affecting its case. It handovers facts and legal issues for which Jotwani Associates Lawyers (3-year experience), use Lexis to prepare a Memo for the Legal research organization.

2. Legal Forms filings at Court Websites:

A mid-sized Texas law firm having approximately 20 Attorneys specializing in Accident Claims cases. The legal process required the client to fill up forms, engage cum educational kit to be sent out to clients, prepare legal notices based on facts provided by the client, preparing a suit to be filed in the Courts. Jotwani Associates stepped in to automate the process whereby when the client fills up the form, it is automatically emailed to Attorneys in U.S. & India. An Attorney in India sends out an email kit (based on the facts provided by the client), uploads the files, sends out a notice to insurance, prepares the suit. The outsourcing partner wanted to be sure of the quality and therefore the workflow system was developed for proper “Approvals” to be given by Texas partners. The Texas law firm now employees 7 full-time legal associates working in India on different aspects of Accident Claims, including Litigation Support in a trial.


Data Processing in E-Discovery: A large US law firm uses Jotwani Associates for Litigation E-Discovery. It FTP’s 25-50 GB of data regularly on Jotwani Associates maintained servers. Jotwani Associates team uses modern E-Discovery tools such as Clearwell, CaseLogitix, and Concordance for processing data – DeNist, Dedupe, Search, Covert, and Produce. The produced data can be reviewed anywhere in the world by using cloud services.

Document Review is another big chunk of work that is performed by Jotwani Associates; Reviewing documents and preparing privilege logs for Court Cases and SEC investigations.


Contract Vetting: A Fortune 500 IT Company in Los Angeles, California uses 2- Attorneys of Jotwani Associates to review their procurement and sales contracts. The Attorneys in India work on specified guidelines to highlight low, medium and high risk with their contracts.


A software company’s Brand Protection department in the Bay-area, has engaged Jotwani Associates investigators to trace its products available online with websites like e-bay, torrent, etc. Investigators help in locating targets and also do Test Purchases in name of specified companies. A report is prepared every week on the status of the location of each target.


Trademark Filings for Intellectual Property Firms: Our client has several big pharmaceutical companies as its client. It needs to do approximately 1000 searches in one month. Two trademark paralegals with pharma domain knowledge search USPTO and OHIM marks to put in the database. Subsequently, an Attorney reviews the conflicting marks and even gives his/ her recommendation on potential overlappings mark.


1. Anaqua Handling: 

3 Paralegals are trained to deal with IP portfolios of large software development companies based out of California, U.S. The paralegals work on the workflow system to ensure that all Invention Disclosure Forms are filled up completely and then marked in the queue for review for the next stage. The paralegals also ensure that a proper filteration of an Invention Disclosure is reflected at Anaqua.

2. Drafting Drawings: 

A small, but a very busy law firm having big multinational clients all over the world realized that they would spend substantial time only drawing figures in Patent Applications for USPTO. Around 25% of the time in drafting a Patent Application would be spent on drawing figures. Moreover, they did not have modern tools so the quality was not uniform. Many business organizations approached Jotwani Associates for Outsourcing legal work to India. They wanted engineering talent that could only draw figures as per the USPTO specifications. All the Patent Attorneys in the firm now engage Jotwani Associates to draw figures. This legal outsourcing model has proved that the firm now has good quality figures, done in time, and also saving at least 15% of costs in drafting one Patent Application.


Background Checks: A leading HR consultancy firm in Australia has engaged Jotwani Associates to do background checks on specified employees on their previous jobs, credit-worthiness, and/or criminal record checks as available in public, and some proprietary database maintained by a Industry Body. Jotwani Associates investigators prepare a report in a pre-defined template and submit the same every 2 days.


1. Judgment Validation for Debt Collection law firm:

Our client is a New York-based law firm that supports Debt Collection Agencies. The Agency intends to buy 12000-14000 Judgments from Decree-Holders per month across the United States. In order to purchase the judgments, it wants to make sure that the Judgment is still valid and also verify the name of Plaintiff, Defendant and the Judgment-amount. Every week, our client uploads tiff images of Judgments. The team sitting in India completes the predefined fields using “Westlaw” and uploads the excel sheets while giving a final report on the validity of judgments.

2. Skip Tracing for Debt Collection law firm:

It involves skills to investigate web-based consumer information to ascertain the location of a target. The end product is expected to be the latest information (Job description, phone number, wage garnishment information, if available) about the target.

3. Subpoena Processes for Debt Collection law firm:

It involves analyzing credit reports of target consumers from various data furnishers in the United States. Open Credit Lines of target consumers are identified. The most suitable creditor of the target is identified and the report is sent back to our customer. On the bases of our report, our customer sends a subpoena for attachment to the creditors.

More information about Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services are: E-Discovery; Data Collection; Document Review; Preparing Privilege Log; SEC Investigations; Debt collection; Chapter 7 and 11 proceedings; Subpoena process; Credit Bureau Proceedings, Lease Abstractions; License Abstractions; Trademark and Patent Filings; patent drafting; patent valuations; Freedom to Operate Studies; tracking online Piracy; Take-Down of Infringing content; Real estate documentation;