At Jotwani Associates LLP, we support Academic Institutions, Universities and Colleges.


Entity Creation


Entity Incorporation: Setting up Section 8 Entity under Indian Company Act with Memorandum and Objects set by Ministry of Human Resources. (It is a not-for-profit organization for Innovations, Incubation, Start-ups and Entrepreneurship – collectively referred to as Centre of Excellence). And our services also including filing of Trademarks based on the section 8 incorporated entity.


Centre of Excellence: Consultancy in establishing and writing guidelines on Centre of Excellence, Incubation Cell and Innovation Centre.


Innovation Program: Setting up of a workflow of Filter Committees, Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) to capture new ideas, an IPR Cell and Patent Program for the institution


1.Intellectual Property Rights Cell


Patent Incentivization Program: Setting up policy of splitting of Patent Commercialization rewards among institutions, faculty and students.


Patents & Trademarks Filings: Filing Patents and Trademarks, Responding to Office Actions, Attending Hearings, Issuance and Registration of Patents and Trademarks.


Idea Competition : Selecting New Entrepreneurship Ideas, Business plan Development, Innovation Competition, Design Competition.


IPR Commercialization: Licensing of Patents and other forms of Intellectual Property Rights to the Industry


III. Education & Skill Development


Knowledge Workshops: Our experiences faculty and industry leaders conduct Knowledge Workshops/ Trainings on subjects like, Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Laws, Patents and Engineering Laws


Online Courses: Providing Online Access to all students for courses on Intellectual Property Rights, Engineering Law, and/or Cyber Laws.


  1. Government Program


Government Collaborations: Getting collaboration with Ministry of Skills Development & MSMEs, and in getting the course curriculum approved and issuance of joint certification (Establishment of Skills Development Centres


Institutional Ranking Improvement: Documentation, Filing and Contact Program with access to MHRD officials to improve Institutional Rankings.


Government Grants & Findings: Assistance and Follow-Ups in Getting Grants from MHRD, Government of India, Atal Innovation Mission (AIM)


Industry Collaborations: Getting Industry Collaborations for Incubation, Innovation, Start-up and Entrepreneurship Cell (Centre of Excellence)




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