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At a highly affordable prices, Jotwani Associates offers best of the legal services for Supreme Court of India. We are dealing with scores of litigants who seek relief from the Supreme Court of India.


Our services include suggesting best legal strategies to win over the cases. Our lawyers (Advocate on Record and Senior Counsels) work with your interest in mind to secure best outcome for your cases.


Jotwani Associates handles variety of cases, Bail, Civil, Injunction, Appeal, Tax matters, Matrimonial Transfer Petitions, Company Cases, Consumer Forum Appeals, Civil and Criminal Writs in the Supreme Court of India.


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Supreme Court of India – Jotwani Associates


Jotwani Associates Advocates provide the topmost services with FREE CONSULTATION to include the assessment of success of the case at the Supreme Court of India.  The Counsel at Jotwani Associates are Advocates who have more than 25 years of legal advocacy experience.  We bring in Supreme Court Advocates in several areas, such as Criminal, Civil, Matrimonial, Divorce, Service, Employment and Real Estate Matters.


The practice of Supreme Court of Advocates comprises filing several SLPs that litigants all across India file in order to secure their rights and are aggrieved by any Judgement or Order passed against the Litigants. The Supreme Court Advocates at Jotwani Associates are trained to understand the cases quickly and make the filing of SLP cycle painless and smooth for litigants.


The litigants across the country may approach Supreme Court Lawyers of Jotwani Associates if they feel aggrieved by orders of any High Court, Tribunal, or any Authority that has passed an unfair order.  Our Supreme Court Advocates would work with your already existing counsel and settle the brief that needs to be filed at the Supreme Court of India.


For getting free advice from Topmost Supreme Court Attorneys feel free to contact us anytime.   Some of the Supreme Court Advocates also take pro bono matters if it involves extreme injustice for public at large or there is a social cause involved.


The documentation required at Supreme Court of India to file SLP or a Writ:


Past Order (Certified Copy will be required) from High Court, Tribunal, Government Authority that needs to be challenged at the Supreme Court of India


A copy of the Suit, Petition, Writ or application that was filed on which Orders were passed by the Subordinate or High Court


It is important that all the documents are re-typed and also translated into English



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