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Jotwani Associates offers the best and cheapest way to protect your Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Copyrights at the United States Patent Trademarks Office (USPTO) and some international countries

Our services includes Patent application drafting, Design Patent Drawings, Invention Drawings, Complete Patent Writing, Patent Litigation, Patent Search Reports, and Complete Specification Drafting Services

Provisional Patent Filing

Only for USD 249 we protect your Innovative Ideas by providing you with Patent Pending Status. Provisional Patent Drafting is a very useful way to protect your inventions when you are still at the stage of development of your product or process. With provisional patent filing, our Patent Drafting Company also provides you with one Patent Drawing and One Main Claim, sufficient for initial protection your invention at USPTO.

Complete Patent Filing

Only for USD 599/-, we provide Complete Patent Drafting Services that includes drafting of the Complete Specifications. This Specification of a Patent Application includes drafting of Prior Art Search, Detailed Description, Claims, Drawings, Patent Sketches and Patent Illustrations, if needed. Complete Patent Drafting and Filing may take 10-14 business days. Only upon complete approval from the Inventor, we file the application at USPTO.

Patent Illustration Service

Patent Illustration Services include making of Patent Drawings as per the USPTO requirements. We charge only USD 35 for any 2D or 3D drawings. Many times the Patent Drawings also include Patent Sketches that may require specialized software to deliver the such drawings. The services includes drawings for both, provisional patent drawings as well as utility patent drawings as per the requirements in Patent Applications.

Patent Licensing Support

Internationally, finding a suitable Company to monetize your invention. A Patent needs to be commercialized and sold to potential users of your invention. We step in to Identify, Contact, Support Negotiation and draft proper Licensing Contracts to support your Patent Applications.

International PCT Patent Filing

Patent Co-operation Treaty PCT is an international mechanism to protect your invention in approximately 160 countries. PCT is only an international patent filing mechanism. A Patent is not granted by PCT authorities, it is only granted by each individual country to whom an inventor or applicant approach after PCT authorities provide examination report. However, PCT remains the most favorite mechanism to protect inventions.

Patent Search Reports

Our Patent Law Firm supports Patent Search Reports that helps inventors take quick decision about further investing in their technology. A good and timely patent search reports help inventors in knowing about the landscape and whether they should continue doing research in the technological area.

Unbelievable! Yes, some of our customers say that. The timelines, commitment and cost of delivery is unmatched. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, Technology Companies, Law Firms, Individual Applicants and Inventors, Startups and all kinds of corporations.

Patent Drafting and Filing Services: Our Patent Attorneys and Engineers based in India assist in drafting, filing and prosecuting your patent applications as per USPTO standards. They have been trained specifically to keep all rules and regulations so that the Inventors/ Applicants have the maximum coverage and protection of their Ideas. The Drafting and filing of Patents is also preceded by Patent Searches done on global proprietary databases.

Trademark Application Filings : Our Trademark Attorneys and Specialist based in India assist in drafting, filing and prosecuting your trademark applications as per USPTO standards. They have been trained specifically to keep all rules and regulations so that the brand gets protected in a cost effective manner. We also do Trademark Searches (Free of Costs) before a Trademark is filed at USPTO.

Patent Drawings and Illustrations: Every Patent and more Particularly Design Patents require professional drawings. At Jotwani Associates, we provide patent illustration services free of cost along with Patent Application or with a nominal charge if the same are a part of a Design Patent Application.

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