Jotwani Associates Copyright and Design related services includes: COPYRIGHT REGISTRATIONS Worldwide Registration and Protection of Books, Music, Movies, Paintings, Software, Websites, Sculpture, Designs on products and clothes, Architecture and shapes of products, PIRACY ACTIONS Investigations, Monitoring, Legal Notices (C&D) and police raids in case of piracy and infringement of Intellectual Property Rights/ Copyrights. Our detailed support for Anti-Piracy/ Enforcement can be downloaded:CLICK HERE LEGAL OPINIONS Legal Opinions & permissions from Music & Film Associations for ring tones, website uploading (napster like arrangements), re-productions, Re-mixing of songs, Books, digital copying and plagiarisms, Berne Conventions. More about Jotwani Associates Services for Copyrights and Designs: Copyright and Design registrations of Software, Books, Music, Websites, Movies, Art Work, Sculptures, Interior Designs, furniture, products; Filing applications at Indian Copyright office; Indian Patent and Design office; Replying to Office Actions or objections raised by the Office of Copyrights/ Designs; Litigation resulting in violations of your Intellectual Property rights, Opinion based on Berne Convention, Custom Registrations or Border Protection for copyrighted material, Piracy Matters, Investigations, Cease and Desist Notices (C&D).

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