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Jotwani Associates Copyright and Design related services includes:


Worldwide Registration and Protection of Books, Music, Movies, Paintings, Software, Websites, Sculpture, Designs on products and clothes, Architecture and shapes of products,


Investigations, Monitoring, Legal Notices (C&D) and police raids in case of piracy and infringement of Intellectual Property Rights/ Copyrights.

Our detailed support for Anti-Piracy/ Enforcement can be downloaded: CLICK HERE


Legal Opinions & permissions from Music & Film Associations for ring tones, website uploading (napster like arrangements), re-productions, Re-mixing of songs, Books, digital copying and plagiarisms, Berne Conventions.

More about Jotwani Associates Services for Copyrights and Designs: Copyright and Design registrations of Software, Books, Music, Websites, Movies, Art Work, Sculptures, Interior Designs, furniture, products; Filing applications at Indian Copyright office; Indian Patent and Design office; Replying to Office Actions or objections raised by the Office of Copyrights/ Designs; Litigation resulting in violations of your Intellectual Property rights, Opinion based on Berne Convention, Custom Registrations or Border Protection for copyrighted material, Piracy Matters, Investigations, Cease and Desist Notices (C&D).

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