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Supreme Court Lawyers
Dinesh Jotwani, Senior Partner and Advocate, Supreme Court of India
Praveena Gautam, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India
Meahul Roy, Partner and Advocate, Supreme Court of India
Prerna Rawat, Senior Associate, Jotwani Associates


Niku Kumari
Niku Kumari
7. July, 2022.
I not only recommend Jotwani ji but I guarantee once you have used his service you will look no further. He responds in an extremely timely manner, he is very knowledgeable, trustworthy and very straightforward. There’s no other Lawyer that will work as hard for you. He helped me with a false arrest and lawsuit and was a great outcome! I live in Noida and got his reference through an acquaintance. I could not have been happier and will always go back to him if needed again. Without a doubt best criminal lawyer in Delhi NCR. Highly Recommended..
Niraj Kumar
Niraj Kumar
7. July, 2022.
Extremely professional..
Mustafa Sekh
Mustafa Sekh
6. July, 2022.
We had delhi police knocking at our doors almost daily. We knew we had done nothing, but harassment was very high to me and my aged mother. Thank you Jotwani Team for getting us Interim Anticipatory Bail Orders from the Saket Courts. Now we are going for quashing of FIR at Delhi High Court that will be done on the next date of hearing.
Karishma Rai
Karishma Rai
6. July, 2022.
I hired Ms Jasmine Hora, Advocate associate at Jotwani Associate as my divorce lawyer to represent me in the proceeding. She was great at handling all of the issues involved in my case that led to a successful resolution. She was always easy to reach and quick to provide answers to my questions in detail which made the process that much easier to manage. Jotwani Associates is highly professional and I would recommend them for all your legal matters related to family law.
Bharat Ram
Bharat Ram
5. July, 2022.
Highly recommendation for the Delhi High Court Property Case. My family property dispute got resoloved in single hearing. Good Work, Sir
4. July, 2022.
Good Results. However, all senior advocates are very busy during day time
4. July, 2022.
Mr Jotwani ji Senior Lawyer at Delhi High Court argues very well and at the same time respectfull the bench. Today, was granted ex=parte injunction against MCD
Ajay Singh
Ajay Singh
4. June, 2022.
Dinesh Jotwani is a good criminal lawyer as he argued my case well before Delhi High Court and I got anticipatory bail within a month. Thank you Dinesh ji
As is rightly said, the Supreme Court of India is a last resort. It is a fountain of justice.  The only court above this court is the Court of God.  The Supreme Court of India is the last hope for fairness, justice, and equity that our great Constitution of India guarantees to every citizen.  Seeking justice is by no means an easy process. It needs knowledge, patience, understanding, and, of course, luck.  
And at Jotwani Associates, we understand our responsibility to provide justice to our clients and have their voices heard at the highest temple of justice.  We have a brilliant team of lawyers to do thorough research on each case and put our best argument forward before the Honorable Judges of the Supreme Court of India. 
It is said that at the Supreme Court of India, 95% of the cases get dismissed. When you call us, we provide you with a free assessment of your ability to win and get relief at the Supreme Court of India.  It is a complex process as the Supreme Court only intervenes if there is a substantial question of law involved in your case and needs to be redressed. The ability to cull out the substantial question of law and frame it in an appeal to the Supreme Court of India is a process that requires the time, attention, and experience of a senior counsel.
There are several legal remedies or ways to approach the Supreme Court of India.   Here are some of the ways in which the Supreme Court may hear your matter:
  • Special Leave Petition (SLP) – Civil and Criminal from orders arising out of several High Courts and Tribunals.Direct
  • Public Interest Litigation (PIL) under Article 32
  • Writ Petitions
  • Review Petition under Article 137 of the Constitution of India
  • Curative Petition in Supreme Court. s
  • Contempt Petitions
  • Original Suits if the case involves a dispute between different States

Jotwani Associates lawyers excel and support you in each of the ways to get your case filed, listed, and heard by the Honorable Judges of the Supreme Court of India.  

When a case involves a conflict with the administration and lower courts are unable to resolve it, people frequently turn to Supreme Court lawyers or perhaps a High Court as well. Former attorneys advise parties, in such situations, on whether to approach Supreme Court lawyers in India or simply accept the verdict. The Supreme Court’s expert lawyers might be consulted for assistance with the issue.


Legal repercussions are things that can happen to anyone at any time. Additionally, there are certain areas where it is mandatory to settle legal issues before beginning afresh. In light of this, attorneys play a crucial role in society. Top Supreme Court lawyers use their expertise to help and assist their clients so that they can resolve legal disputes quickly and easily.

People look forward to The Supreme Court with hope after they lose in smaller courts. Experts in the legal field are equally important as judges in determining a court case. As a result, Supreme Court lawyers are crucial to the administration of justice in India by the country’s top court.

Legal Assistance provided by the top Supreme Court Advocates | Lawyers in India - Jotwani Associates

When dealing with problems, it is occasionally necessary to take a thorough, cautious approach because they are relatively complex. Our top Supreme Court lawyers in Delhi are adept at handling such difficult situations and assure our clients that they will receive the best results as quickly as possible.


We have completed many projects thanks to the commitment and diligence of our team consisting of the best Supreme Court lawyers in Delhi. Numerous large corporations and well-known individuals employ our professional services. We as The Top Supreme Court lawyers in Delhi consistently put our faith in developing original and ground-breaking services. Because of our proven track record of success, we are the ideal choice to handle any sort of complicated matter.

Responsive. Resourceful. Results Provided by Best Supreme Court Advocates in Delhi, India

At a highly affordable price, Jotwani Associates offers best of the legal services for the cases in Supreme Court of India. We deal with scores of litigants which seek relief from the Supreme Court of India.


Our services include suggesting best legal strategies to win over the cases. Our lawyers (Advocate on Record and Senior Counsels) work with your interest in mind to secure best outcome for your cases.


Jotwani Associates handles a variety of cases, Bail, Civil, Injunction, Appeal, Tax matters, Matrimonial Transfer Petitions, Company Cases, Consumer Forum Appeals, Civil and Criminal Writs in the Supreme Court of India.

We believe in providing our clients with precise services while staying within their stipulated budget.

Best Supreme Court Lawyers in Delhi, India – Jotwani Associates

Jotwani Associates is one of the top law firms in India and provide the topmost services with FREE CONSULTATION to include the assessment of success of the case at the Supreme Court of India.  The Counsel at Jotwani Associates are best Advocates in India who have more than 25 years of legal advocacy experience.  We bring in Supreme Court Advocates in several areas, such as Criminal law, Civil Law, Matrimonial Law, Divorce Law, IPR Law, Service, Employment and Labour Law, Real Estate and Mental Harassments Matters. You can get in touch with us to find the ideal answer to the problems stated above. Professional Supreme Court lawyers who deal with difficult situations make up our team of experts. The benefit of working with us is that we offer first-rate services at competitive prices. The finest thing about our supreme court attorneys is that they consistently achieve outstanding results and are prepared to help their clients with a fully specialized and committed strategy.

The practice of the Supreme Court of Advocates comprises filing several SLPs that litigants all across India file in order to secure their rights and are aggrieved by any Judgement or Order passed against the Litigants. The Supreme Court Advocates at Jotwani Associates are trained to understand the cases quickly and make the filing of SLP cycle painless and smooth for litigants.

The litigants across the country may approach Supreme Court Lawyers of Jotwani Associates if they feel aggrieved by orders of any High Court, Tribunal, or any Authority that has passed an unfair order.  Our Supreme Court Advocates would work with your already existing counsel and settle the brief that needs to be filed at the Supreme Court of India.

For getting free advice from Top most Supreme Court Lawyers feel free to contact us anytime.   Some of the Supreme Court Advocates also take pro bono matters if it involves extreme injustice for the public at large or if there is a social cause involved.

The documentation required at Supreme Court of India to file SLP or a Writ:

  • Past Order (Certified Copy will be required) from High Court, Tribunal, or Government Authority that needs to be challenged at the Supreme Court of India
  • A copy of the Suit, Petition, Writ, or application that was filed on which Orders were passed by the Subordinate or High Court
  • It is important that all the documents are re-typed and also translated into English.

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