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  1. Fees. JOTWANI ASSOCIATES may now, or in the future, charge fees for access to and use of the Website, or certain features thereof (“Fees”). You agree to pay all Fees and charges specified for such features. All Fees are exclusive of applicable taxes (e.g. sales, use, or value-added tax), unless otherwise stated, and you are solely responsible for the payment of any such taxes that may be imposed on your use of the Website.


  1. Payment Methods. JOTWANI ASSOCIATES will charge the Fee, if any, and other additional fees or donations you authorize, to the PayPal account or credit card you designate. You authorize the credit card or PayPal account you designate to pay any amounts described herein and authorize JOTWANI ASSOCIATES, or any other company that acts as a billing agent for JOTWANI ASSOCIATES, to continue to attempt to charge all sums described herein to your credit card or PayPal account until such Fees are paid in full. You agree to provide JOTWANI ASSOCIATES updated information regarding your credit card and PayPal account upon JOTWANI ASSOCIATES’s request, and any time the information earlier provided is no longer valid. If payment is not received by JOTWANI ASSOCIATES from your credit card issuer or PayPal, you agree to pay all amounts due upon demand by JOTWANI ASSOCIATES.


  1. Credit Card Authorization. If JOTWANI ASSOCIATES permits You to use a credit card to activate pay for any Fees related to the Website, You will be asked to provide JOTWANI ASSOCIATES with a credit card number from a card issuer that we accept. JOTWANI ASSOCIATES may seek pre-authorization of your credit card account prior to a purchase to verify the credit card is valid and/or has the necessary funds or credit available to cover your purchase. These pre-authorizations will reduce your available balance by the authorization amount until it is released or reconciled with the actual charge. Please contact your credit card issuer if you have additional questions regarding when an authorization amount will be removed from your statement.


  1. Changes in Price; No Refunds. JOTWANI ASSOCIATES may at any time, upon notice required by applicable law, change the price of the Website or any features thereof, institute new charges or fees, or charge a fee for the Website or any part thereof where a fee was not previously charged. All Fees relating to the Website, including any Fees charged for access to the Website, are final and nonrefundable.