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Company Registration in India

With more than 1.35 billion population (17 % of World Population), you cannot ignore the market opportunities that India Offers. The best ways to do business in India is to form a Company. 

The most common way for anyone to start a business in India is by forming a company. It provides  for control, transparency and trustworthiness in doing business in India.

The process to register a company in India

All companies require registration at the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and finally, it grants a Certificate of Incorporation upon registration. Typically, a company in India can be formed in less than 2 weeks, provided all documentation is complete. Broadly, a company formation will take place in three stages:

Stage 1:  Name Approval Process

Stage 2: Digital Signatures and DIN Number – ALL documents attestations

Stage 3: Submission of Articles and Memorandum of Association.

All Information cum Documents required to register a company (if applicable to you)

  1. Provide the proposed Name of the Indian Company:
  2. Provide details of all shareholders and Directors in India:
    • Full Name (as in Passport or Driving License):
    • Father’s Full Name (as in Passport or Driving License):
    • Postal Address (as in Utility Bill, or Bank Statement)
    • Mother’s Full Name (as in Passport or Driving License):
    • Place of Birth (City and Country):
    • Mobile Number:
    • Email Address:
    • Director Identification Number (DIN): If it already exists in India:
  1. Do you have any Trademark already filed or registered in India? If yes, please provide the Trademark Number:
  2. Complete Address of the proposed entity: (Jotwani Associates may provide Nominee Directorship – Attorneys- so you can skip this).
  3. Main Objects or business purpose of the proposed Indian Company (What’s the main business. Define as broadly as possible in 1-2 sentences):
  4. Notarized and Apostilled Copy of the proposed Director’s (or shareholders) Passport pages showing Passport number, Photo and Postal Address {for all the above applicable Director(s)
  5. Notarized and Apostilled Copy of any document that shows the proposed Director’s postal address (Bank Statement, or Utility Bill that is not less than the last 2 months).
  6. Undertaking: (Jotwani Associates will draft this)
  7. DIR 2 FORM: (Jotwani Associates will draft this)
  8. INC 9 FROM: (Jotwani Associates will draft this)
  9. Memorandum of Associates MOA- Subscriber Sheet (Jotwani Associates will draft this)
  10. Article of Association (AoA) – (Jotwani Associates will draft this)
  11. Address proof of India Office. No objections from the Landlord. (Not Applicable if Jotwani Associates address is being used)

Jotwani Associates offers one of the fastest services to incorporate a company in India.  Our Services include Company Incorporation Support, the appointment of Nominee Directors (based on Power of Attorney and Contract), Business Addresses,  Legal Compliances, Board Resolutions, Statutory Filings, Company Secretarial Services, Income Tax and Audit Support.

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