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IPR Law firms in Delhi


Niku Kumari
Niku Kumari
7. July, 2022.
I not only recommend Jotwani ji but I guarantee once you have used his service you will look no further. He responds in an extremely timely manner, he is very knowledgeable, trustworthy and very straightforward. There’s no other Lawyer that will work as hard for you. He helped me with a false arrest and lawsuit and was a great outcome! I live in Noida and got his reference through an acquaintance. I could not have been happier and will always go back to him if needed again. Without a doubt best criminal lawyer in Delhi NCR. Highly Recommended..
Niraj Kumar
Niraj Kumar
7. July, 2022.
Extremely professional..
Mustafa Sekh
Mustafa Sekh
6. July, 2022.
We had delhi police knocking at our doors almost daily. We knew we had done nothing, but harassment was very high to me and my aged mother. Thank you Jotwani Team for getting us Interim Anticipatory Bail Orders from the Saket Courts. Now we are going for quashing of FIR at Delhi High Court that will be done on the next date of hearing.
Karishma Rai
Karishma Rai
6. July, 2022.
I hired Ms Jasmine Hora, Advocate associate at Jotwani Associate as my divorce lawyer to represent me in the proceeding. She was great at handling all of the issues involved in my case that led to a successful resolution. She was always easy to reach and quick to provide answers to my questions in detail which made the process that much easier to manage. Jotwani Associates is highly professional and I would recommend them for all your legal matters related to family law.
Bharat Ram
Bharat Ram
5. July, 2022.
Highly recommendation for the Delhi High Court Property Case. My family property dispute got resoloved in single hearing. Good Work, Sir
4. July, 2022.
Good Results. However, all senior advocates are very busy during day time
4. July, 2022.
Mr Jotwani ji Senior Lawyer at Delhi High Court argues very well and at the same time respectfull the bench. Today, was granted ex=parte injunction against MCD
Ajay Singh
Ajay Singh
4. June, 2022.
Dinesh Jotwani is a good criminal lawyer as he argued my case well before Delhi High Court and I got anticipatory bail within a month. Thank you Dinesh ji

IPR Advocates | Law Firm in Noida

Before discussing IPR Law firms, it is necessary to fully comprehend Intellectual Properties (IPs) and Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). IPRs are intellectual property rights that cover inventions, fresh ideas, discoveries, artistic and creative works, structural engineering, logos, trademarks, and labels, among other things. IPRs are legal rights granted for the use of the generated intellectual property. The Government gives permission to use the developed IPs to the owner for a specified duration. IPRs holders are given their own authority over the IPs they create.

IPR (intellectual property rights) is a legal concept whereby companies and individuals protect their intellectual creations against being stolen and used by competitors or customers. Protecting intellectual property rights involves many types of law, including patents, copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, and unfair competition. In the context of the global economy, international trade law also provides a framework for IP protection.

The IP world is constantly changing. IPR laws are continually being updated to deal with new situations. It’s important to have an attorney who is up to date on current law.

Jotwani Associates is an IPR law firm based out of Noida that has been working on these issues for years and have a vast knowledge of how the system works. An experienced IPR law firm can give you sound advice based on their long-term experience. Evidently, we have the expertise to help you.

Why Should you Select a Competent and experienced Global IPR law Firm?

There are a few reasons you might need to hire an intellectual property (IP) law firm, which may vary depending on your business needs and industry. These include:

  1. Protecting your Intellectual Property in the event of a lawsuit, dispute or licensing negotiations with another company.
  2. Assessing how much your company’s IP assets are worth.
  3. Negotiating the value of your company’s IP assets.
  4. Obtaining legal advice about whether or not a particular use or business model would infringe upon another company’s IP rights.
  5. Establishing or reviewing IP policies for your business.
  6. Develop a strategy to protect your company’s IP assets.
  7. Make sure your IP assets can be transferred if your company sells.

As a prominent name among top IPR law firms in Noida, Jotwani Associates specializes in handling complex IP challenges of any type with legal realism and utmost expertise.

We provide a vast number of legal solutions to customers all over the world. This must be done among various disciplines to efficiently handle and commercialize intellectual property. We offer free consultations, and our clients receive our full attention to detail. We will review your situation and advise you on the best course of action. Our clients come from all walks of life, from small businesses to large corporates.

We represent not just the rights of intellectual property (IP)owners yet even respond in cases regarding the implementation of contractual agreements related to intellectual property (IP) and proprietary information. In truth, there are numerous methods for securing intellectual property (IP), and our IP lawyers represent national and global clients in evaluating the appropriate course of action.

Best IPR Lawyers | Advocates in Noida

Every company must safeguard the identification of its brand since company logos and trademarks are regarded as intellectual property. A trademark includes the complete brand, not only a logo or sign. The majority of consumers choose things by recognising the company’s trademark. Individuals might buy your rivals’ items if they are using the trademark of your brand. You must therefore take steps to assure that no one uses your intellectual property without your consent.

Getting it licensed is the only method to safeguard intellectual property. Jotwani Associates have a top-class IPR lawyers in Noida are renowned for offering top-notch legal counsel and assistance at prices that are both sensible & economical. Our IPR Law firm has been comprised of highly experienced, talented, skilled, and dedicated IPR lawyers in Noida who will stop at nothing to effectively complete their clients’ work. So, kindly contact Jotwani Associates if you require a knowledgeable intellectual property lawyer for intellectual property registration.

IPR law firms in Delhi

What can an IPR Lawyer| Advocates in Noida do for you!

An IPR lawyer is a legal expert who practices intellectual property law, which assures that firms and people own the stuff they developed, produced, or invented. An IPR Lawyer in Noida can help you in the following ways:

1. Trademark

We have professional and experienced Trademark lawyers in Noida who provide various trademark services, including monitoring our clients’ trademark assets, executing pre-filing approval checks, prosecuting applications, handling opposition teams, and administering registrations.

2. Copyright

Jotwani Associates is a reputed and experienced Copyright law firm in Noida that aids its clients in acquiring copyright registrations (for intellectual, artistic, & theatrical works), protecting our clients’ interests in the case of copyright violations, licensing and assigning copyright, and so on.

3. Domain Name Dispute

We often counsel and help our clients in registering domain name disputes with the NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India) as well as the WIPO Arbitration, Mediation Center and the ADR Forum under the INDRP (IN Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) and the UDRP (Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy).

4. Geographical Indications

Jotwani Associates’ expert team of IPR lawyers in Noida, India is well-versed in both the theoretical and practical aspects of geographical indications. They guide people (particularly NGOs, charities, and many other organizations) in gaining and protecting rights in geographical indications.

5. Patent

Jotwani Associates is a well known Patent Law firm in Noida, India. We have experienced Patent lawyers who aid its clients with patent applications & novelty checks, patentability assessments, drafting, claims formulation & submission, patent infringement searches and analysis, and patent litigation services, among other things.

6. Design

Pre-filing design investigations, drafting and litigating design claims, and finding and securing our clients’ design rights are all issues we deal with.

IPR law firms in Delhi

Why Should You Hire Jotwani Associates As Your IPR Advocates | Law Firms in Noida

1. Experienced Team of IPR Lawyers | Advocates in Noida

We have been practising intellectual property law for about 30 years now. Our team of IP lawyers or advocates in Noida NCR, India has a vast amount of experience and expertise in the field of intellectual property. We have a proven track record of success in resolving cases involving the protection of intellectual property rights.

2. Free Consultation

Our clients receive free consultations from our intellectual property advocates. This means that you can speak to us without any obligation. We want to know what your case is about and what you need. We will then assess your situation and advise you on the best course of action. We have a long list of satisfied clients who have benefited from our services.

3. Proven Track Record

Jotwani Associates IP lawyers have a proven track record of success in resolving cases involving protecting intellectual property rights. We have successfully handled a wide range of issues in the areas of patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, unfair competition and domain name disputes. We have also represented clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, India and other countries.

4. Fast Response Time

We understand that time is money. That is why we work hard to respond to your requests as quickly as possible. Our response time is usually within 24 hours. If you need to speak to us urgently, you can call us, and we will try our best to accommodate you.

5. A Client-Focused Practice

Jotwani Associates’ strategy demands the most significant standards of competence, analytical expertise, and provision of services, enabling us to give correct, dependable, fast, and cost-effective assistance while upholding global norms and tailoring a unique strategy for each client and their firm. We effectively solve our clients’ difficulties. We think each client has individual needs and concerns and work relentlessly to help them reach their aims and targets. 

For instance, whether you are a publisher or developer of intellectual property, Jotwani Associates, one of the best IPR law firms in Noida, can:

  • Examine the copyright implications of your intended trademark or service mark.
  • Fill out the relevant documentation and submit it to the trademark office.
  • Provide guidance on the steps you should undertake to defend yourself from possible risks or infractions.

As an inventor, you can obtain special licensing rights to your IP under legal provisions to gain reputation and monetary gain.

Finally, if somebody infringes on your intellectual property (IP) rights, or if you are in danger of unwittingly trespassing on another’s rights, Jotwani Associates is one of the top IPR law firms in Noida, can assist you with helpful advice and litigation counsel.

We could also assist you with the drafting & negotiation of relevant partnerships, including editor’s alliances and licensing agreements. 

Our law firm is known for offering professional legal services delivered by our team of well-educated lawyers.  We also have a team of qualified and experienced Criminal Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, Property lawyers, Bail Lawyers, litigation lawyers, etc. who can help you with a multitude of legal issues, like divorce, property disputes, inheritance, PILs, etc. Furthermore, we practicing litigation at all stages, including the initial filing of the case, its legal arguments, evidence, investigation, court appearance, redrafting, and high court levels, under any area of law, which include, civil law, criminal law, corporate law, divorce law, constitutional law, labor law, contractual law, banking law, real estate law, insurance law, and the law relating to intellectual property rights.