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BitBns Internet Private Limited class action:

BitBns Internet Private Limited is incorporated on 28 July 2020 under the laws of India.

For well more than a year, BitBns has been reported by its users to be withholding money for weeks or months on end, if not indefinitely, as well as refusing to send purchased coins. For cash withdrawals, they fail to follow their own withdrawal terms of 5-7 days, at the minimum, IF the user ever gets the money.

BitBns appears to have been defrauding it’s users in multiple ways for a very long time, and this behaviour should be stopped and the users compensated. Not only for the direct losses but for any pain, stress, and damages the lack of access to funds has caused to those users. Punitive damages should also be assessed to discourage this type of behaviour in the future.


The directors of Bitbns Internet Private Limited are Prashant Kumar Singh and Gaurav Madhukar Dahake.

Registered Address: No.3, Varashree, 2nd A Main, Chandra Reddy Layout Bangalore Bangalore KA 560047 INDIA.


Jotwani Associates is representing aggrieved parties who are fraudulently cheated. If you are affected by the fraudulent behaviour of BitBns,

Fill out the class action information form here: CLICK HERE