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By: Manisha Chauhan, Advocate

COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) is an epitome of global phenomena similar to earlier SARS and MARC in China, EBOLA Virus in Africa, etc., as it has travelled almost throughout the universe and has, so far, affected luminaries throughout the globe much beyond the religious selection of any particular person. It is not like the condemnable and devastating 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai; the instrument of globalisation and convergence, the communication and technology used by the terrorists as weapons, were breathtaking. It was obvious that the attack on 2611 was much like an intention to acquire global attention.
Similarly, the attack on 09/11 in New York has the same grotesque feature of attaining global attention. Be that as it may, the contemporaneous COVID-19 or Corona Virus or coronavirus (as President Mr Donald Trump calls it) has been apocryphally announced either as a biological war of China or biological weaponry. It is in ipse dixit blamed that this is a physical war. However, Scientists have proclaimed the wet market in Wuhan, China, as an epicentre caused by infectious diseases carried out either by bats or pangolins and then transmitted to humans and then human to human and then Country to Country. We have all contemplated that the developed countries have launched ponderable accusations on each other, nevertheless, let alone not at all and without any attachment of pandemic with caste, colour, creed, sex, religion, etc.
Existentially, a developing Country, one like ours, has definitely discovered the link between the present pandemic and religion. News is being circulated whereby reactionary people are throwing the blame on Nizamuddin Jammat for the spread of the pandemic in India. However, it is preposterous to call the pandemic a religious propagandism. We shall be aware that the pandemic, if spread in India, it will cause catastrophe and irreparable damage.
Juxtapose, the much needed for the present bewildered and immobile situation is to behold the unity and dissuade the communal discord. The pandemic is a problem that cannot be solved by anyone alone, howsoever rich or powerful, the a person may be, nonetheless, avoidable with the shared responsibility, unity, and remind ourselves with a reminder “the great tides and currents, which engulfed the rest of men, do not turn aside in their course and passed the judges by”.
However, this above phase can be utilised in the present grim the situation as “the great tide and currents of the pandemic, which engulfed the developed Countries like the US, China, etc., do not turn aside in their course and passed the any religion by”. So, the carte blanche universally accepted idea as of now is to stay home, stay safe, spread humanity and let others have sense of the same constitutional idea of security, safety and humanity, otherwise, the days are numbered, whereby the pandemic will frighten us lesser than the present communal gibberish.
Between much discussed, the wet market of Wuhan, China, as an the epicentre of the pandemic and the biological laboratory leakage, the international communities, then insolently will discuss Nizamuddin Jammat is the zombie of the pandemic; if the religious association cacophony with the pandemic will not stop. Let us all remember and follow our envisioned Article 51 A (h) of the Constitution of India, which prescribes as follows, “it shall be the duty of every citizen to develop a scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform”.
The Hon’ble Prime Minister’s much thrust upon beating utensils and burning candle at home has been misunderstood and consequently turned into an idiotic drum-beating gathering with sloganeering as “Go Corona Go” and crackers bursting, denouncing the fact that the pandemic is infectious and a respiratory infection. Nevertheless, we shall thrive upon social distancing to break the chain of the COVID-19 pandemic, let alone not at all social disturbing, which is an evil, anarchy and oligarchy. One needs to imbibe the humane approach, which shall be devoid of idiosyncrasy.
Let us live and let others live. Otherwise, days are not so far to see honest, living, humanlike zombies in our neighbourhood. Let us all focus on food, health and cleanliness.